Vujade specializes in stylized interactive theatrical installations. The design team takes the local and natural aesthetic of any environment and blends in a dash of the historic and antiqued. This "one stop shop" specialized in conceptual design, rendering, fabrication, lighting/audio, rigging, heavy machinery and complete onsite installation support. They have a full deck of reliable vendors to work with and a reputation for being more fun than a barrel full of monkeys!!  Allow the Vujade design team to create a highly unique environment for your next event. 

The White Library - Lightning in a Bottle festival

Imagine a world where every surface is a canvas for your imagination and your dreams to find a home. A home where the walls are filled with the thoughts and ideas of great thinkers, poets and lovers. Allow yourself to see further into an environment that started as a single thought and over the span of a few days has blossomed into the colorful concepts of thousands. If your mind can allow it you will find a piece of yourself in The White Library!



The Psychedelic Chapel - Electric Forest Music Festival


This marvel of Psychedelic art design is a cornerstone at the Electric Forest Music Festival. The Vujade design team collaborated with Nova Han Productions and The Frank Brothers to fully bring this concept to life.